Who are we?

NU build is part of the Swan group of companies which includes Swan Housing Association and NU living. Swan Housing Association was one of the first Housing Associations to have its own in house developer, NU living. Swan has now created NU build to deliver stylish, high quality modular homes to meet housing need.

Swan Housing Association has a secured development pipeline of over 8,000 homes and they have ambitious plans to deliver many more. The majority of these homes will be constructed by NU living. Going forward NU living will complete many of Swan’s exemplary regeneration projects using high quality modular homes built by the latest addition to the “NU” family, NU build.

We operate from our high tech factory in Basildon, Essex. At full capacity we will deliver 300-400 homes a year in a state of the art, 74,850 square foot facility, which will employ over 60 staff and support both the growing local economy in Basildon and build local and national expertise in manufacturing.

What makes us unique?

We are leading the way! Deliberately focusing on supporting the growing UK modular construction industry rather than looking to overseas expertise. 

There are many types of modular homes being built accross the UK, however, ours are unique for the following reasons: 

  • Ours are built to current building regulations
  • Once built, our homes are mortgageable
  • Our homes are insurable and warrantable
  • As we have our own pipeline of work, we are sustainably funded
  • Our homes are built for our own marketing and sale
  • Our homes are fully customisable by the buyer

Our social purpose also makes us unique.  Unlike other private developers, all profits from the sales of our homes are reinvested within the Swan Group to fund the next project which will provide quality affordable homes for hundreds of new residents. Every home sold means that the buyer is contributing to the regeneration of homes and communities for others.